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Needs Analysis for BIM & IT Strategy
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Through our innovation project, we gained invaluable insights into our organization’s needs and the available technological solutions, empowering us to establish a long-term development plan that aligns with our vision and drives continuous improvement.

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Maximizing Profitability with Data

BIM and IT Strategy for sustainable real estate owners.

A leading Swedish property owner, managing over 300 commercial and retail properties nationwide, aimed to futureproof their strategy and methods concerning sustainability, efficiency, and customer experience. To achieve this, the company planned to implement a data-driven strategy to streamline processes and reduce time and administration.

To work predictively and sustainably with development, construction and operations, the client turned to Zynka for development support and digital expertise. The collaboration resulted in a long-term partnership and implementation of several solutions. This case study explores how the property owner and Zynka worked together to achieve success with a digital strategy and methods.

Solutions included:


Safe, profitable, and sustainable

The property owner is a market leader in retail and commercial real estate, committed to sustainable and long-term growth. Their diverse portfolio includes retail, logistics and offices.

The management team aimed to optimize sustainability, efficiency, and customer experience by implementing a data-driven strategy, to streamline processes, reducing time and administrative tasks.


Greater Predictivity and Efficiency

The property owner aimed to work efficiently and predictably and sought a partner with expertise in information technology, change management, and industrial processes. Additionally, they required guidance in developing processes and guidelines for development, construction, and operations.


Empowering decision through digital twins

The property owner partnered with Zynka to implement a data-driven strategy and streamline their processes. Zynka performed a complete needs analysis and created a roadmap, followed by a new strategy implemented to support the organization and its stakeholders.

Solutions provided by Zynka:

  • Strategic Advisory: Innovation Management
    Management of an innovation project through development, construction, and operations with the aim of identifying needs and evaluating digital solutions for the organization.
  • Needs Analysis for BIM and IT Strategy
    Based on the insights from organizational analysis and system mapping a roadmap was created for implementation of BIM & IT solutions.
  • BIM and Digital Twin Guidelines
    Guidance, policies, and requirements were rolled out in the organization to support implementation of BIM and Digital Twin solutions for development, construction, and operations.


Optimized decision-making

Zynka has supported the property owner in digitalizing their strategies and processes, resulting in efficiency and sustainability improvements as well as important insights and prioritizations.

  • Reduction of unnecessary administration: The property owner has succeeded in reducing unnecessary administration and streamlining its processes, which has led to various improvements throughout the organization.
  • Optimized decision-making: The implementation of a data-driven strategy has enabled well-informed decision-making and improved efficiency within the organization.
  • Optimized profitability and Productivity: Guidelines for development, construction and operations has allowed the client to execute reliable, profitable, and sustainable projects.



Armed with insights from our needs analysis and system mapping, we were able to rapidly deploy technical solutions that optimized the development, production, and operation of our properties, enhancing efficiency and delivering measurable results.

By providing clear guidelines and delivery specifications, we create transparency where all parties understand the expectations for each delivery. This approach elevates productivity and helps avoid costly mistakes and changes, ensuring a smooth and efficient project outcome.

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