BIM & Digital
Twin Systems

As the construction and real estate industries enter the era of digital transformation, the availability of accurate data is becoming increasingly crucial. Zynka’s Digital Buildings platform help you make informed decisions by providing digital precision.

Whether you are into operations, maintenance, or development we make data accessible and valuable for you to succeed in the digital age.

BIM & Digital Twins

Maximizing Your Business Potential with Digital Twins

Zynka’s Digital Buildings platform is designed to help property managers collect and access valuable insights about their asset with digital twin technologies.

Access unique solutions that combine the features of property management systems with digital twin technologies, enabling you to transition to an insight-driven property management business that supports maps, objects, integrations, and analytics.

By leveraging the power of digital precision, we can help eliminate damage, defects, and errors that often result from substandard data and communication.

Our expertise in data validation and analysis ensures optimized decision-making, driving better outcomes for your organization.

Digital Buildings is designed to serve you. It offers capabilities for managing digital twin data, facilitating communication of ongoing activities and analytics by integrating data from various sources such as authorities, environmental sources, and building automation systems.

The Solution

BIM & Digital Twins

One master data platform for all your property data.

Zynka’s property management system, Digital Buildings, provides a digital twin featuring a platform for maps & drawings, spaces & components, data integration and analytics. The platform helps you efficiently manage, monitor, and summarize maintenance, renovations, and development projects, such as land management areas, tenant spaces, or components subject to inspection.

In Digital Buildings, you can easily track and manage objects in a navigable 3D environment with all information in a dedicated geographic position.

This helps you better understand and maintain your properties, ensuring they are in a good condition, excel in performance and running smoothly.

Our services include:

  • Maps and Drawings Management
  • Space and Component Management
  • Data Integration & Analytics

The Solution

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Maps & Drawings Management

Streamline the workflow with a geopositioned map and drawing archive.

Zynka offers a geo-positioned map, drawing and model archive that visualizes all real estate information in one place. The Digital Buildings platform provides facility managers and technicians with reliable and accurate property data, which optimize planning, workflows, and results.

As the amount of data to collect, store, and analyze continues to grow, it becomes more challenging to handle and interpret for property managers. A system like Digital Buildings help you optimize asset performance, as well as productivity and sustainability.

Our services include:

  • Maps and Drawings Archive
  • GIS, BIM and Reality Capture Viewer
  • Measurable data collection and WMS Services

The Solution

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Space & component management

Accurate and visualized information for optimized decisions and management.

Utilizing industry standards, we establish a digital twin by adding geopositioned space and component data based on your existing data and needs. Depending on storage and communication requirements regarding property, infrastructure, system and building data we publish the information as documents, models, or entity data.

Via the Digital Buildings platform, you can easily access reliable, accurate and visualized information, all in one place. The system also offers a navigable 3D environment, allowing you to easily view and analyze data in a use-friendly 3D-context.

Our services include administration and visualization of:

  • Real Estate and Buildings
  • Spaces and areas
  • System and components

The Solution

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Data Integration & Analytics

Maximizing Asset Efficiency with Smart Analytics.

Zynka’s Digital Buildings platform offers smart multi data integration, enabling powerful analytics by integrating data from various sources such as authorities, environmental sources, and building automation systems.

Combining data from several systems provide you with a digital twin; a complete overview of your performance to support data-driven insights and decision-making. This ensures that everyone in your organization has constant access to secure, and up to date asset information.

Our services include full data and systems integration:

  • Product and environmental data
  • Maintenance and sensor data
  • Authorities and financial data


Applicable and valuable solutions

Tailored for all assets:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Public
  • Industrial

Supports all types of data:

  • Maps & Drawings
  • Space & Components
  • Analytics & Integrations
  • Geopositioned assets
  • Building information models
  • Live data streams
  • Property & Building Registry Data
  • Authority Data

For all types of data analysis, integration, and management:

  • Maps & drawing management
  • Land management
  • Component management
  • Data integration platform
  • Sensors & connected buildings
  • Energy & indoor climate analysis
  • Space & usage analysis
  • Object tracking

Digital tools to increase productivity:

  • Visualizations
  • Analytics
  • Quantities
  • Scheduling
  • Forecasting


Why BIM and Digital Twins are key to success

Maximum benefits, and invaluable support to maintain momentum and optimize and decision-making capabilities with Zynka’s solutions.

Easy access
to updated secure information on your asset’s performance.

Reduced risk
of errors, damages, and defects due to poor communication.

Optimized decision-making
and minimal time spent on administration.

Outstanding analytics
to improve your asset performance.

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Questions and Answers

What is a Digital Twin?

A digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical object like a building, or system. It is a digital replica of a physical asset that can be used for various purposes such as simulation, monitoring, and analysis. Digital twins use real-time data to provide an accurate and up-to-date representation of the physical object or system. This technology is often used in manufacturing, aviation, and other industries to improve the performance and efficiency of complex systems.

By using a digital twin, engineers and other professionals can test and analyze different scenarios and make more informed decisions about how to optimize the performance of the physical system.

How is a Digital Twin utilized in property management?

Digital twins can be used in the real estate industry in a number of ways. For example, a digital twin of a building could be used to simulate and optimize the energy efficiency of the building’s systems. This could involve using data from sensors and other sources to model the building’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and then testing different scenarios to see how changes to the system configuration might affect energy consumption.

Another use of digital twins in the real estate industry is to simulate and optimize the flow of people and goods through a building. This is useful for designing and managing large commercial buildings, such as office buildings or shopping malls. By using a digital twin, architects and building managers could test different configurations and layouts to see how they would affect traffic patterns, and then use this information to make improvements to the design of the building.

Additionally, digital twins could be used to monitor and manage the maintenance of buildings. By tracking the condition of various building systems and components, a digital twin could provide real-time data on the health and performance of the building, allowing building managers to identify and address potential issues before they become major problems. This could help to improve the overall reliability and longevity of the building and could potentially save money by reducing the need for expensive repairs.

Who benefits from a Digital Twin?

Digital twin solutions in facility management can benefit a wide range of stakeholders, including facility managers, maintenance teams, and other staff who work in the facility. By using a digital twin, these stakeholders can access detailed and accurate information about the facility, which can help them to make more informed decisions and optimize their operations. Digital twins can provide valuable data that can be used to monitor the performance of a facility in real time, which can help to identify potential issues before they become problems.

Additionally, digital twins can be used to create simulations and scenarios that can help with planning and decision-making, which can benefit both facility managers and other staff. Overall, the use of digital twins can help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of facility management, which can benefit everyone who works in or relies on the facility.