Digital buildings or a digital twin of a building are the foundation of data-driven organizations within real estate. As a Nordic leader in digital twin solutions, Zynka is ensuring digital precision for optimized decisions throughout the life cycle of a built asset.

What are digital buildings?

Digital building solutions are a virtual representation of your built asset supported by various tools and technologies. Based on GIS, BIM and IOT, a digital twin is used for planning, coordination, and analyzing valuable data for development, design, construction, operations, and maintenance.

The phrase “digital building” refers to a collection of solutions that integrate architectural, engineering, and technology to improve the experience of inhabitants, employees, and management. It uses Internet of Things (IoT) data and Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology to create a large network capable of powering and sharing data amongst various building systems. Instead of perceiving each system as a separate entity, it recognizes all systems as a cohesive whole, enabling cognitive computing to power people-centric places.

Digital Building Solutions (DBS) creates and offers solutions for all phases of the building value chain, including rental, planning, purchasing, production, installation, and after-sales support.

Why are digital buildings solutions crucial?

As part of your organization’s data governance, digital building services are key for data-driven processes. Setting requirements and best practices for planning, handover, and maintaining data enable the organization to; increase productivity in tendering, improve quality assurance, avoid unforeseen events, and turn data into valuable insights for business development.

Companies that use digital building services can boost energy efficiency, human resource productivity, and overall experience for corporate employees or building occupants by connecting building technologies that govern light, air quality, and physical security into a single IP network. Energy savings may be increased through smart centralized management of fundamental building components. Networked building components such as HVAC and lights may be disengaged and activated on demand via networked sensors when not in use.

Movement may be observed using sensors connected to an IP network in a digital building to determine when individuals enter and exit space regions. For example, Examplify by tracking usage of the facilities for generating valuable insights on how to improve facilities and interaction with tenants to streamline the usage and customer experience. Furthermore, effective digital building solutions allow for a great level of customization.

Why should you choose Zynka for digital building services?

Zynka has successfully implemented various digital building services for housing, office, retail, healthcare, educational and industrial real estate organizations. Through carefully selected objectives for data-driven organizations, we offer digital twin solutions for optimizing management for portfolio, site, property, operations, and maintenance.

Solutions At Every Step

Through our digital real estate and construction systems, we have developed and are committed to adding value at every stage of the lifecycle, from planning and design to operations and maintenance.

Precision At Its Best

Our team comprises experts who understand the ins and outs of visualizing space, time, and costs to help our customers find more opportunities. With digital real estate strategy, complex equations and dependencies are solved by creativity, where structured data can turn into the brightest solutions.

Constant Growth & Learning

To maximize the potential of a construction and real estate project, it is essential to constantly tweak and enhance all aspects of the endeavor. We believe in the multiplicative potential of brainstorming sessions or the “spin-off effect.” We’re always open to new challenges, ideas, and techniques.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are digital building solutions?

Digital Building Solutions, also known as DBS, develops and provides solutions for all stages of the construction value chain, including renting, planning, purchasing, manufacturing, installation, and after-sales service.

Q2. What are the benefits of digital building solutions?

By linking building technologies that manage light, air quality, and physical security into a unified IP network, companies that deploy digital building services may improve energy efficiency, human resource productivity, and overall experience for corporate employees or building residents. Smart centralized control of essential building components can enhance energy savings. When not in use, networked building components such as HVAC and lighting may be disabled and activated on demand via networked sensors.

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