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Digital real estate, or a digital twin of an asset is the foundation of data driven organizations within real estate. As a Nordic leader in digital twin solutions, Zynka is ensuring digital precision for optimized decisions throughout the life cycle of a built asset.

What is digital real estate software?

Digital real estate or a digital twin is a virtual representation of your built asset supported by various tools and technologies. Based on GIS, BIM and IOT a digital twin is used for planning, coordination and analyzing valuable data for development, design, construction, operations, and maintenance.

A digital real estate strategy is the basis of digital representation of your physical asset that is utilized for continuous activity and performance planning, coordination, and analysis. Using digital real estate software, users may optimize decision-making throughout the life cycle by leveraging numerous data sets ranging from maps, drawings, models and registers to live-streamed data.

A digital real estate solution integrates a building’s system, sensor, and utility meter data with smart, multidimensional digital models. A genuine digital twin possesses the operational and behavioral information needed to mimic, forecast, and direct real-world scenarios.

The importance of digital real estate strategy

In the construction and real estate industries, digital twins bridge the gap between form and function. When utilized in combination with a cloud service, digital real estate software enables all stakeholders to monitor and evaluate a project from the start. A digital real estate solution evolves into a live model that is updated as the operations and maintenance process go along, providing more visibility. Users can experience the project in its recommended surroundings when geographical data is combined with mixed or augmented reality techniques.

Details such as existing components and materials may be assessed for potential concerns during the design stage for major refurbishment project, and modifications can be made and synchronized fast with digital real estate software. Additional environmental variables, such as space usage, system performance, accessibility, and energy consumption, can be examined to obtain insight and provide a thorough portrayal of how the built model would seem and perform. These insights enable project teams to make data-driven decisions that result in predictable key performance indicator outcomes.

Hence, as a part of your organizations data governance forming a digital real estate strategy is key for data driven processes. Setting requirements and best practice for planning, handover and maintaining data enables the organization to; increase productivity in tendering, improve quality assurance avoiding unforeseen events, and turn data in to valuable insights for business development.

Why you should choose Zynka for digital real estate solutions

Zynka has successfully implemented various digital twins for housing, office, retail, healthcare, educational and industrial digital real estate organizations. Through carefully selected objectives towards data driven organizations we offer digital twin solutions for optimizing management for portfolio, site, property, operations, and maintenance.

Solutions At Every Step

Through our digital real estate and construction systems, we have developed and are committed to adding value at every stage of the lifecycle, from planning and design to operations and maintenance.

Precision At Its Best

Our team comprises experts who understand the ins and outs of visualizing space, time, and costs to help our customers find more opportunities. With digital real estate strategy, complex equations and dependencies are solved by creativity, where structured data can turn into the brightest solutions.

Constant Growth & Learning

To maximize the potential of a construction and real estate project, it is essential to tweak and enhance all aspects of the endeavor constantly. We have faith in the multiplicative potential of brainstorming sessions or the “spin-off effect.” We’re always open to new challenges, ideas, and techniques.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the return of investment (ROI) in relations to Digital twin in property management?

The return on investment (ROI) for digital twins in property management can vary depending on the specific application and the size and complexity of the property. However, in general, digital twins can help to improve the efficiency and profitability of property management by providing valuable data and insights that can be used to optimize operations and reduce costs.

For example, by using a digital twin, property managers can identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement within their properties, which can help to reduce operating costs and improve the bottom line. Additionally, digital twins can provide valuable data that can be used to optimize maintenance and repair schedules, which can further reduce costs and improve the ROI. In the long term, the use of digital twins can help to improve the financial performance of properties and increase their value in the market.

Q2. What economic value do digital twins add in real estate?

Digital twins can add significant economic value to the real estate industry and its stakeholders. By using a digital twin, real estate developers and property managers can create detailed and accurate models of properties, which help to attract potential buyers and tenants. This can increase the value of the property and help it to be more competitive in the market. Additionally, digital twins provide valuable data that can be used to optimize the management and maintenance of properties, which help reduce operating costs and improve the profitability of the property.

Digital twins can also be used to simulate the potential impact of different development and renovation projects, which can improve informed decision-making and minimizing of risks. Overall, the use of digital twins has potential to add incomparable value improve financial performance of facilities and real estate properties.

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