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The Power of a Digital Twin in Property Management

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With the power of the digital twin, we can analyze data from multiple systems and generate insightful analytics – covering building performance, space utilization, and sustainability target tracking – enabling us to prioritize initiatives and effectively communicate progress towards our goals, ensuring continuous improvement and success.

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Become a digital pioneer

The story of a market leader’s ambition to improve Property Management with Digital Twin Solutions.

A leading real estate company aims to optimize its property management by implementing innovative digital solutions that streamline processes and enhance property performance. This requires a digital partner with expertise in both cutting-edge technology and the intricacies of property management. This case study showcases how the client and Zynka collaborated to achieve success with a digital twin solution.

Main solutions provided by Zynka:

  • Property Management System: Digital Buildings
  • Data Management: Building Documentation & Space Management
  • Data Analytics: Building Performance and Usage


Next level precision

The client, a leading real estate company, sought to improve the management and performance of their properties by implementing a digital twin solution. This technology would enable easy access to accurate and updated information, allowing for more efficient and productive property management.


From Chaos to Clarity

Data Consolidation Made Simple with a Digital Twin.

The client manages numerous properties, each with unique technical systems and infrastructure. They required a solution that could consolidate information from various sources, providing a unified overview of property performance and maintenance to facilitate better decision-making.


Management empowered by Digital Twin

The client engaged Zynka to develop a digital twin solution that would optimize property maintenance and performance. Zynka implemented the Digital Buildings property management platform, which includes mapping and drawing management, spatial and component databases, and integration and analysis platforms.

This comprehensive solution enables efficient data management and data-driven decision-making in areas such as building performance, usage, and sustainability.

Main solutions provided by Zynka:

  • Property Management System: Digital Buildings
  • Data Management: Building Documentation & Space Management
  • Data Analytics: Building Performance, Usage & Sustainibility


Optimized maintenance and performance

With Zynka’s digital twin solution, the client achieved optimized property maintenance and performance. By consolidating data from various sources and creating a unified overview, the client could easily identify areas requiring attention and make informed decisions about maintenance and upgrades. This streamlined approach to property management ensures smooth operations and optimal performance.

The benefits of Zynka’s delivery can be summarized in three points:

  • Maintenance Optimization: The digital twin solution implemented by Zynka provides accurate and up-to-date information, enabling optimized maintenance and performance for the client’s properties.
  • Collaboration and Communication: By using Zynka’s Digital Buildings property management platform with a digital twin, the client fosters efficient collaboration between technicians and managers, leading to better maintenance and performance outcomes.
  • Data-Driven Decision-making: By integrating data from various sources and creating a unified overview of property performance and maintenance, the client can make well-informed decisions about property maintenance and upgrades based on data-driven insights.



By utilizing the Digital Buildings property management system, we gain access to a comprehensive digital replica of our property portfolio, seamlessly integrating data from all our systems into a single, user-friendly interface. This greatly reduces the time spent searching, inquiring, and hunting for information, streamlining processes and enhancing productivity throughout the organization.

By leveraging the property management system’s ability to collect diverse data types, we can easily identify preconditions, errors, and discrepancies in documentation. This enables us to optimize our efforts in operations, maintenance, and customer dialogues, delivering an incredibly professional service to our clients and exceeding their expectations.

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