Empowering decisions
through digital precision.

We advance technology that grows business,
drives innovation, and improves society.

What we do

Transforming potential into tangible value.

We help clients in the construction and real estate industry to accelerate their digital transformation with emerging technologies that can automate processes, maximize time savings, and create cost efficiencies at all stages of a building’s life-cycle.

Our services include strategic advisory, building and infrastructure services, as well as Digital Twin Solutions with our own property management platform Digital Buildings.

No matter what your organization or project needs to succeed, we have the expertise and resources to help you achieve your goals.

Our competence areas

Our Solutions

Strategic Advisory

Reveal new business opportunities and optimize operations with a digital strategy.

Zynka helps organizations plan and execute effective digital transformations and develop future-proof strategies for optimized operations in construction and real estate. With our expertise in digital technologies and industry knowledge, we enable businesses to ensure momentum, make effective decisions and handle complex duties with ease.

Our Advisory Services include:

  • Guidelines and Documentation
  • Needs Analysis and System Mapping
  • Feasibility studies and Implementation

Our Solutions

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Building & Infrastructure Services

Maximize productivity through streamlined and structured information.

Zynka provides digital data infrastructure tailored to meet your specific needs, facilitating essential documentation and accessible up-to-date information. This ensures successful collaboration among all stakeholders and higher productivity.

We use cutting-edge technology to capture and securely store essential project or property information to enable efficient communication and file sharing and eliminate shortcomings and errors. Zynka handles projects of all sizes, capturing reality and transforming it into accessible models to create validated maps or drawings of sites or buildings tailored to your specific needs.

Our Building and Infrastructure Services include:

  • Inventory and Data Collection
  • Coordination and Information Management
  • Analytics and Management Support

Our Solutions

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BIM & Digital Twin Systems

Maximizing Asset Performance and workflow with Digital Buildings.

Imagine a one master data platform for all your property data. Zynka’s property system, Digital Buildings, provides a digital twin for maps & drawings, spaces & components, multi data integration and analytics.

The system helps to efficiently identify, manage and monitor all activities or KPIs related to your property; performance indicators, maintenance, renovations, and development projects, ensuring they are in a good condition, excel in performance and running smoothly.

Our BIM & Digital Twin Solutions include:

  • Maps and Drawings Management
  • Space and Component Management
  • Data Integration and Analytics