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Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the foundation of data-driven facility management organizations. As a Nordic leader in BIM facility management, Zynka ensures digital precision for optimized decisions throughout the life cycle of a built asset.

What is BIM facility management software?

Building information modeling is creating and managing building-related data supported by various tools and technologies. Based on object-based 3D models, BIM is used for planning, coordination, and analyzing valuable data for development, design, construction, operations, and maintenance.

The BIM facility management standard is more than simply a technology; it is a comprehensive approach to make building information accessible and valuable for the entire organization. BIM is currently recognized as beneficial in the design and construction phases of a structure. However, it is critical in delivering correct information about the building design and other features to the facility manager or owner in order for them to manage the building’s life cycle and make any required decisions. BIM allows experts to access a centralized database that can be referred to and utilized as the foundation for operations andmaintenance.

By having a thorough grasp of assets, floor plans, space requirements, and so on, facility specialists may attempt to eliminate space waste, resulting in a significant reduction in real estate expenditures. Hence, BIM facility management serves as the foundation for how space is managed. BIM is beneficial in this procedure since it provides a thorough insight of the building’s present space use.

Importance of BIM facility management strategy

BIM facility management software focuses on delivering measurable insights. BIM allows you to examine a true-to-life model of a facility and analyze information as needed. It’s one thing to look at a balance sheet and see facility expenses and statistics; it’s quite another to look at a building model and understand exactly what those costs correspond to and how they materialize.

Companies widely utilize BIM facility management software nowadays because it is beneficial at all stages of facility maintenance. It offers proactive insight into critical systems and may simulate the consequences and changes associated with maintenance, repair, or improvement. In practice, it provides real-time information into how facilities are currently operating, all the way down to the system level. This makes BIM facility management software a valuable resource for facility managers at all levels of decision-making.

BIM’s benefits to facility managers are apparent. Researchers have spent decades creating BIM facility management strategy to help building managers cut costs, increase building ROI, streamline operations, improve staff engagement, and avoid critical performance issues.

Hence, as a part of your organization’s data governance forming a BIM facility management strategy is key for data-driven processes. Setting requirements and best practices for planning, handover, and maintaining data enable the organization to; increase productivity in tendering, improve quality assurance avoid unforeseen events, and turn data into valuable insights for business development.

Why choose Zynka for BIM facility management standard

Zynka has successfully implemented various BIM facility management standard in housing, office, retail, healthcare, educational and industrial facility management organizations. Through carefully selected objectives for data-driven organizations, we offer BIM & data governance, management, and digital twin solutions. Regardless of whether you are into development, construction, or operations, we have a BIM facility management strategy for all your needs.

The Face of BIM In Northern Europe

We optimize decision-making within the construction and real estate industries by ensuring digital precision. These decisions greatly impact our future societies and contribute to a well-built environment by taking the lead and pushing the development of the real estate BIM model in Northern Europe.

Solutions At Every Step

Zynka is committed to adding value at every stage in the process, from planning and design to operations and maintenance. Whether our client is managing their projects in development, construction, operations, or maintenance, our solutions, knowledge, and technologies will optimize their needs and evolve their processes and organization.

Precision At Its Best

Our team of experts understands the ins and outs of data, the value of structured and visualized space, and its critical factors like costs and resources. We help our customers find hidden opportunities by turning potential into realizable commercial values.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is BIM facility management software?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) facility management software is a type of software that helps organizations manage and maintain the various aspects of their facilities. This can include things like tracking maintenance and repair tasks, managing inventory and assets, and coordinating with different teams to ensure that facilities are running smoothly.

BIM software can be used to create digital models of a facility, which can help with planning and decision-making, as well as provide valuable data for predictive maintenance and other applications.

Q2. Why is digital twin solutions crucial for profitable and sustainable facility management?

Digital twin solutions allow organizations to create digital representations of their physical facilities. These digital twins can be used to monitor and manage the performance of a facility in real time, which help to optimize its operations and improve its efficiency. By using a digital twin, facility managers can identify potential issues before they become problems and thereby make more informed decisions about how to maintain and improve their facilities.

This help to reduce operating costs and increase the overall profitability of the facility. Additionally, using a digital twin will make facilities more sustainable by allowing managers to identify and implement more efficient and eco-friendly processes.

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