Wind Farm Development

GIS and  Digital Twin solutions for optimized power development.

Digital Twins– Wind Farms
Geographic information system
Guidelines & Project Management


Digital solutions for Farm Development

Implementing GIS and Digital Twin solutions for optimized power development.

The implementation of GIS solutions and a Digital Twin for the client’s wind farm has enabled them to optimize their operations with a data-driven approach.

With the help of Zynka’s advisors and project managers, the client has achieved sustainable and profitable improvements in its operations, improved collaboration between departments, and increased overview. The client is now positioned for future success in the wind power industry.


Next level power parks

The client is a global provider of renewable energy, focusing on the development, construction, and operation of wind power parks.

To support the business and facilitate collaboration within project teams, they implemented a digital strategy that enabled powerful tools to improve collaboration and decision-making.


Improving operations with a Data-Driven Approach

The challenge was to establish a smooth process for project managers while also having access to updated and reliable information about all projects, for secure and efficient management and analysis.


Digital Twin and expertise

Zynka delivered a GIS solution (geographic information system) that created a digital twin of wind power parks to facilitate project management and collaboration between different project teams.

By using a digital twin, the client could easily get an overview of the project and its development, as well as access reliable data to make decisions.

Main solutions provided by Zynka:

  • Geographic information system (GIS)
  • Digital Twin Implementation – Wind Farms
  • Guidelines and Project Management Support


Optimized overview

The implementation of the GIS solution resulted in the client gaining better control over their operations and making better decisions based on reliable data. Collaboration between project teams also became more efficient, leading to faster project implementation.

Benefits of Zynka’s delivery:

  • Improved Overview. A digital twin of the power park using GIS, gave the client better overview and control over their projects.
  • Better results. Project collaboration became more efficient, leading to faster project implementation and better results.


Utilizing digital twins, we can secure the foundation for developing our wind farms while maintaining complete control over supplier deliveries and up-to-date project statuses. This technology enables us to efficiently manage our resources and drive sustainable energy advancements.

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