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The Future of Industry Establishment Development with Data-Driven Digitalization

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Digital solutions for Industry Development

How a leading real estate company leveraged digital solutions by Zynka to reach optimization.

In conclusion, the implementation of digital solutions for Property Development has enabled the client to optimize its production with a data-driven approach.

With the help of Zynka’s advisors and project managers, the client has achieved sustainable and profitable improvements in its operations, improved collaboration between departments, and increased transparency in management. By leveraging the power of digitalization and data, the client is now positioned for future success in the real estate industry.


Next level Property Development

When the client planned to develop infrastructure and establish an industry plant at a specific location, they needed a digital inventory of the built environment and a structured information management system for the project team to ensure efficiency and reduce any delays or risks.


Empowering Project Management

The client was faced with the challenge of accessing reliable and accurate information about the project area.

They needed to track progress, amendments, and ensure effective coordination among team members working on different tasks in a large and complex industry project.


Digital and accessible data

Zynka delivered a digital inventory of the project area and established a structured digital information management system for the project team, providing access to updated and accurate information and facilitating collaboration among team members.

Main solutions provided by Zynka:

  • Digital Inventory
  • Digital information management system
  • Project management, training, and documentation support


Optimized decisions and results

The project team was given access to a digital twin of the project area, which they could use to efficiently plan and carry out the development of infrastructure and production facilities.

Zynka’s solution also ensured effective coordination and information management, contributing to increased transparency and collaboration among the team.

Benefits of Zynka’s delivery:

  • With the help of Zynka’s digital inventories and expertise in coordination and administration, the client has been able to ensure access to updated and reliable information throughout the project’s life cycle.
  • By using digital information structures and data-driven decision support, the client’s project leaders have been able to optimize the decision-making process and achieve optimal results.


With the power of digital twins, we’re able to safeguard ongoing production in our facilities while concurrently managing multiple construction projects on the same site. This ensures all stakeholders have access to real-time information, fostering seamless collaboration and informed decision-making.

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