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A new landmark by the waterfront

The power of digital precision in complex construction projects.

The property owner and construction contractor took on a huge challenge when constructing a new landmark, a 60,000 square meter property with a hotel, offices, restaurants, and retail spaces in Gothenburg. The project was exceptionally complex from beginning to end, demanding extreme precision in planning, coordination, and communication. To work digitally, predictively, and smart, the client partnered with Zynka for information management and management support. The case study presents how the client and Zynka worked together to achieve success with a digital approach.

Main solutions provided by Zynka:

  1. Digital Project structure and Project Portal
  2. Information, Inventory and Process Management
  3. Management support: review of data, assessments, and reports


The Rise of a New Landmark

In 2016, plans were finalized to construct the new landmark, centrally located at the foot of a major bridge, adjacent to an ongoing infrastructure project. The property owner faced the huge challenge of constructing 60,000 square meters of hotel, office, restaurant, and retail space, together with the construction contractor.

To achieve optimal results and efficiency, the client wanted to implement digital solutions to ensure information management and control throughout the construction process.


Empowering digital construction

Building a large-scale project like the new landmark requires extensive planning and coordination to avoid costly errors and delays.

The client needed digital solutions to help them collaborate and coordinate the project effectively.


Digital Twin – A game changer

Zynka provided BIM solutions for project management and coordination of the construction process. Supporting the client in gathering relevant data in one place and creating a structured digital platform for collaboration between project management and all other involved parties.

Main solutions provided by Zynka:

  • Digital Project Structure and Project Portal
  • Information, Inventory, and Process Management
  • Management support: review of data, assessments, and reports


Optimized efficiency and precision

By using Zynka’s solutions, the client was able to reduce the risk of costly errors and delays.

By having a structured digital platform for collaboration, all involved parties could communicate and collaborate efficiently, leading to the completion of the project within budget and time constraints.

The main benefits of Zynka’s delivery:

  • Efficiency: Zynka’s digital solutions helped to reduce unnecessary administration and improve workflow. The project team had easy access to accurate and updated information, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced risk of delays.
  • Collaboration: By implementing Zynka’s digital solutions for information management and communication, the client was able to ensure effective collaboration among management and all parties involved throughout the project’s lifecycle.
  • Precision: Zynka’s digital solutions for inventory and information management led to increased precision throughout the project. The project team had easy access to valuable information and could make informed decisions based on data, enabling them to optimize the project’s outcome.


In such a large and complex construction project, gaining oversight and control is a tremendous challenge. Partnering with Zynka has allowed us to manage information flows from start to finish, providing significant relief and assurance for the entire project team, ensuring success at every stage.

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