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BIM & IT strategy for a commercial property owner in Retail & Logistics.

Needs analysis
Digital strategy for real estate
Project management


The Future of Real Estate Management

How a leading property management company in retail and logistics leveraged BIM and IT strategy to optimize management.

In conclusion, the implementation of a tailored BIM strategy and IT solutions has enabled this leading property management company to optimize its construction and property management with a data-driven approach. With the help of Zynka’s advisors and project managers, the company has achieved sustainable and profitable improvements in its operations.

The BIM solution has improved collaboration between departments and increased transparency in property management. By leveraging the power of digitalization and data, the company is now positioned for future success in the real estate industry.


Next level Property Management

This leading property management company is part of a large retail group and owns and manages approximately 250 properties throughout Sweden with a focus on wholesale.


Enabling Effective Project Management

The company faced the challenge of modernizing its construction and property management and needed help implementing Building Information Modeling (BIM) to streamline its management and create a more sustainable and cost-effective property management.


The power of a Digital Approach

The property management company hired Zynka to conduct a needs analysis, develop a BIM strategy, and implement BIM in the organization. Zynka also provided project management, training, and documentation support.

Main solutions provided by Zynka:

  • Need analysis
  • BIM & IT strategy for real estate
  • Project management, training, and documentation support


Improved sustainability and profitability

By introducing BIM in property management, the property management company has achieved a more efficient and sustainable project and property management. The BIM solution enables better collaboration between different departments and increased transparency in operations.

Through project management and training from Zynka, the company has also developed a better understanding of BIM and how it can be used in their business.

Benefits of Zynka’s delivery:

  • Data-driven BIM & IT strategy: Zynka’s advisors and expertise have helped the company develop a data-driven strategy that can be applied to building and property operations, development, construction, and maintenance. This can eliminate unnecessary work and simplify tasks, leading to increased efficiency and decision-making.
  • Experienced project managers: Zynka’s project managers have helped the company conduct pre-studies, procurement, and implementation of new systems and processes. This has provided the company with necessary documentation, training, and leadership to succeed in the implementation, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.


Since our pioneering BIM and digitalization pilot project in 2018, we’ve collaborated with Zynka to optimize numerous internal processes, from project development and design management to construction project management and ongoing maintenance, achieving remarkable progress and efficiency.

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