BIM and Digital Twins

The Power of a Digital Twin in Property Management

BIM in Property Management
Needs Analysis & Property Data
Digital Twin Implementation


BIM in Property Management

A leading property owner seeking to advance with digital methods to increase efficiency and sustainability.

A leading state-owned property management company in Sweden, responsible for over 4,000 properties and partnering with universities and colleges, sought to implement a data-driven strategy to achieve increased efficiency and sustainability.

To work predictively and sustainably with property management, the company turned to Zynka for data management and operational development support. The collaboration resulted in valuable insights and implementations. This case study explores how the two companies worked together to achieve success with digital methods.

Solutions included:

  • Strategic Advisory: BIM in Property Management
  • Needs Analysis and Property Data
  • Digital Twin Implementation


Mastering Data and Insights in a new way

The property management company is state-owned and a leading owner of properties with a focus on building, developing, and managing environments for education, research, and innovation throughout Sweden. The company’s property portfolio exceeds 4 million square meters and offers facilities for approximately 300,000 people study, research, and work. The company is one of the industry’s greatest digital pioneers and dedicated to drive the industry’s digital maturity forward.


Improving productivity

The company needed a partner who could provide expertise in information technology, change management, and industrial processes. They wanted to optimize their decisions and make their work more efficient and predictable.


Empowering operations

The partnership started back in 2015 when the property management company engaged Zynka to help implement a data-driven strategy and to industrialize its processes. Zynka conducted a needs analysis and mapped the system to identify areas that needed improvement.

Based on the analysis, the team developed a roadmap and implemented a strategy that would be useful throughout the organization and its stakeholders.

  1. Strategic Advisory: BIM in Facility Management
    A new approach to prioritizing and investing in digital business development, which is centered on evaluating and gaining insights from existing processes and aims to create a more efficient and data-driven organization.
  2. Needs Analysis and Property Data
    Based on the insights from strategic advisory we conducted a comprehensive needs analysis with a focus on the organization’s needs for and access to property-related data.
  3. Digital Twins Implementation
    With a clear need from the organization a roadmap and implementation plan for digital twin was established with the aim to make all real estate data available in one place to enhance user experience and analytics.


Staying ahead of the game with digital Insights

Zynka has been an important partner in the property management company’s journey towards becoming one of Sweden’s most innovative and data-driven property owners. The partnership has resulted in numerous important insights and prioritization to be executed over time.

Benefits of Zynka’s delivery:

  • Reduction of unnecessary administration: The client has been able to reduce unnecessary administration and streamline its processes, resulting in lower costs and higher productivity.
  • Optimized decision-making and increased efficiency: The implementation of a data-driven strategy has made it possible to make well-founded decisions and improve efficiency in the organization.
  • Successful Project Management: The guidelines for the development, design and operations have enabled the client to carry out reliable, profitable, and sustainable projects.


“By conducting a fundamental needs analysis, we’ve been able to prioritize effectively and focus on digital solutions that deliver significant value with minimal investment, maximizing efficiency and return on investment for our organization.”

  • Client, concerning the Need Analysis

“Through the implementation of a digital twin, our goal is to become a data-driven real estate company that anticipates needs, optimizes resource utilization, and delivers world-class educational facilities, setting new standards for excellence and innovation in the industry.”

  • Client, concerning the Digital Twin Solution



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