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The Future of Property Management

How a leading commercial real estate company leveraged digital solutions to optimize property management.

A case about a leading real estate company with an ambition to improve management operations with digital solutions to ensure that all data and processes are managed efficiently and productively, and their properties can run smoothly and perform optimally.

They needed a digital partner with great expertise in real estate, and the case study presents how the client and Zynka worked together to achieve success with a digital approach.


Guardian of historic properties

The client is a municipal property company that owns and manages many historical and cultural buildings in a major city. To maintain these properties and adapt them to modern needs and standards, the client needed to inventory its building documentation and create design documentation for local adaptations and renovations.


From analog to digital

Digital solutions – A game changer for effective Property Management.

The client had a large amount of paper documentation and drawings that needed to be digitized and compiled to create an overview of the properties. In addition, it was necessary to create design documentation to plan local adaptations and renovations in the historical buildings.


A tailored digital approach

Zynka provided a digital inventory of building documentation and developed digital design documentation for local adaptations and renovations.

By using the latest technology, Zynka was able to digitize all the documents and create 3D models of the buildings for easier overview. The design documentation was created to facilitate planning and implementation of local adaptations and renovations, as well as improve collaboration among all stakeholders.

Main solutions provided by Zynka:

  • Digital inventory of building documentation
  • Digital design documentation and 3D models
  • Project management, training, and documentation support.


Sustainable and profitable improvements

The client received a complete overview of its properties and design documentation to carry out necessary adaptations and renovations.

By digitizing all documentation and creating 3D models of the buildings, the client was able to have a better overview of the properties and plan and carry out renovations more easily.

Main Benefits of Zynka’s delivery:

  • Optimized planning with digitized building documentation and 3D models that facilitated overview and enabled easier planning, adaptations and renovations.
  • Reduced cost due to faster and more efficient property management and improved work processes.



With digital precision in historic cultural buildings, we’ve created exceptional conditions for efficient renovations, visualizations, and communication of space customizations with clients. This approach streamlines operations and maintenance tasks, ensuring a seamless blend of modern innovation and cultural heritage preservation.

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